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  • 多槽式對比生長箱


Algae Cultivation, Insect Raising, Microorganism Culture, Tissue Culture for fruit trees and flowers and Morphology Analysis.

The 700F LED offers two independently growth areas making this model ideally suited for applications where smaller experiments need to be conducted in different environments, all in a small footprint. The standard lighting system of the 700F LED provides a broad based light spectrum for plant growth using a combination of Red, IR and Blue LED lights. LED lights allows a flexible choice of wavelength for larger panel of experiments. Morphology Analysis is done by capturing a series of images at intervals ranging from seconds to hours apart. Time lapse, areas measuring at different moment, the analysis software is a powerful tool who will convert the analysis in results.


LEDs present many advantages over alternative light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, smaller size, faster switching, less heat and greater durability/reliability. Typical LED lifespan is rated at 50,000 hours at which point light output has degraded only 30% from new.The output percentage of different light can be controlled simultaneously and the respective operating frequency and time can be set accordingly. The two compartments conditions can be set differently. 6 channels with frequency, duty ratio, intensity, phase shift ratio can be managed individually.


Humidity Range: 40% – 90%Uniformity: ±3% @ 80% RH

Low energy ultrasonic humidity generator available.Humidity affects plants in growth chamber directly by conditioning transpiration and other gas exchange and indirectly by modifying the plant’s energy balance and physical and biological environments. The most significant and direct influence of humidity on plants is on transpiration, the evaporation of water from plant surfaces into the atmosphere. Transpiration generally increases as humidity decreases.


Temperature range: 10°C ˜ 50°C

The 700F LED has a perfect temperature control thanks to its proportional system in which the rate of heating and cooling is propor tional to the deviation of temperature from the set point. The design of the 700F LED and its technology also allows to obtain a perfect temperature uniformity. The 700F LED is equiped with the last technology in term of LED growth chamber.


CO2 Control:CO2 Range: 0 – 5000ppm

Software pack for PC/Laptops, enabling data monitoring, logging and managing operations directly on a computer.
Ethernet/Wifi and other connections
Co2 controlling Unit
Hydroponic system
EC/Ph meter with measure on touch screen panel
RO water system
HEPA/charcoal Air Filter
Low temperature Kit
Other LED Wavelengths on demand

上EC/Ph 計測量

Plant Morphology Analyzer: Time-lapse photography thanks to the CCD camera allows to easily observe the development of the plant in interaction with the different elements. Time-lapse photography is done by capturing a series of images at intervals ranging from seconds to hours apart. When the images are viewed in rapid succession, much like a flip book, the effect is to compress into a short period, the changes that occurred over a relatively long period of time. Comparing the different succession of pictures allows the searcher to compare the effect of the variation of light, temperature, humidity and CO2 on the growth of the plant.

Contrary to the 700F LED where the camera is mounted on top of the instrument and images are taken from above, on the 700F LED the cameras are side mounted. This is the method of choice to monitor luminescence and fluorescence signals in leaves and shoot meristems.Yet, in many research projects it is necessary to monitor gene expression in roots and shoots and correlate to growth morphology. In order to not disturb the gravitropic behaviour the seedlings have to be maintained upright in their natural vertical orientation. The laterally mounted camera and the rotating table holding the trays with the seedlings in a vertical orientation are the solution. Videos from sequence measurements can be instantly created within a video software. Multiple or multiday measurements are managed through a scheduler, so that the software doesn’t need to be active all the time. Thanks to the powerful batch manipulation features e.g. small changes in the scaling can be applied to other images within seconds


  • High Intensity LED Lights(1 light):
  • RGB control / 8 channels control
  • PAR Control
  • Ultra low temperature
  • Low Humidity level control
  • CO2 / other gas control
  • Analog outputs 4 - 20mA
  • Access ports of various diameter
  • Remote Control
  • CCD camera and morphology analyzer
  • Anti-bacteria coating


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