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HID and T5 (fluorescent) grow lights have been the market standard for horticultural lighting for decades. Each of these technologies uses a bulb that has been filled with harmful gases such as mercury which are ignited or "excited" by a filament. The bulbs are limited in the spectra, they are capable of producing depending on white kinds of phosphors (CFL) or gases (HID) are being used in the bulb. While these lights have been the standard, LED Grow Lights stand to replace these systems with far greater efficiency and convenience. LEDs present many advantages over alternative light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, smaller size, faster switching, less heat and greater durability/reliability. Typical LED lifespan is rated at 30,000 hours at which point light output has degraded only 30% from new. In comparison, the Fluorescent lamps have a typical lifespan around 20,000 hours most part of the time shorter with a lumen quality that decrease really quickly.

At Taiwan Hipoint, it is been a long time that we work with the most prestigious Technology and Agriculture research institutes to develop the best tools to study the plants physiology or pathology. Pretend that we know the best ratio of light to grow in the best way the plant would be a lie.

Affirm that we have developed the best tool to understand what is the best light to grow the plants is the reality. The independently intensity adjustable wavelengths LEDs' open a new area in the plant research.


The white LED SUN LIGHT Z1 has been particularly developed for Tissue Culture, Germination and Vegetative growth. With a high ratio of blue lights, the PAR of the Z1 is perfectly adapted to these different uses. Number of the Agriculture Institutes, Universities or Agro Industry business use the Z1 and are absolutly estonished by the results. The Z1 is available on all the Plant Growth Chambers, MT Series, Tissue Culture room and Walk In Growth Chambers.


  • 40*60cm white light LED plate
  • White LED: 400 – 700nm
  • PAR: up to >150 umols-1m-2 @15cm
  • LED PCB material: Aluminum plating steel
  • Intensity adjustable from 0 to 100%
  • Fully programmable
  • Low heat load
  • Longer lifespan than other system




The white LED SUN LIGHT Z3 has been developed for Tissue Culture, Germination and Vegetative growth. With a high ratio of blue lights, the PAR of the Z3 is adapted to these different uses. The difference with the Z1 is in the intensity of the lights which is more adapted for vegetative growth of tall plants. Number of the Agriculture Institutes, Universities or Agro Industry businesses use the Z3 for all types of Tall plants like rice, oat or corn. The Z3 is available on the F-130 / MT-313 / F-1300 / 700F LED / RC-700 LED / F-1200 / EH-1800 / 840F / Walk In Growth Chambers and Greenhouses. It covers a lot of basic uses for the agro-industry or for research purpose. They are the perfect alternative to the T5 bulbs, more power efficient, without hazardous chemical materials. The Z1 and Z3 will satisfy the growth of your plant saving energy by reducing the lectric consumption and the cooling capacity of the chambers.

Their standard size have been developed to replace the existing T8 tubes in your existing Plant Growth Chambers regardless the manufacturer.

Wavelength Adjustable Growth Light

The following LED growth lights are the Taiwan Hipoint exclusivity. Thanks to our close collaboration with our partners, we have understood that the artificial lights still something mysterious for a large part of them. The traditional T5 and HID bulbs have not changed during years, which didn't allow the scientist to have choice. With the time everybody has accepted the fatality that the lights spectra couldn't be controlled. We are bringing change, we do not pretend have the best lights for every plants, as all the plants have their specificity. We simply bring the possibility to adapt the lights to the plants. As long as a strawberry doesn't grow under the same light or season that a banana, if we expose both of them under the same light or their roughly adapted growth light, it will be difficult for one or the other to grow perfectly.


The LED SUN LIGHT Z RGB lights is the first of the series. RGB means Red, Green, Blue as it is the wavelengths that the user is able to control. The RGB wavelengths ratio is really important in the growth of the plants. We let the user decides himself from the large range of LED in our catalog which wavelengths is important for his growth.

Our standard is R: 660nm, G:520nm, B:450nm as it is the most requested wavelength. The state of art of our creation is the incredible uniformity of the light at each point of the area covered. No matter the LED that the user choose, the light will be the same everywhere. Of course the RGB LED can be replaced by three types of white LED or wavelength of your choice. The RGB system is more than a LED light, it is a complete new way to see the growth light.


The LED SUN LIGHT Z6 is based on the RGB lights system. Instead of 3 different wavelengths, we have increased the number of wavelengths to 6 in total. Despite of the increasing number of wavelengths the light still uniform at each point under the canopy.

Wavelengths: UV: 390nm, Blue: 450nm, Green: 520nm, Red: 625nm/660nm, IR:739nm The light is settable through the RGB channels which means that when the user increase the Blue channel, it is the UV (390nm) and the Blue (450nm) wavelength intensity that will increase at the same time. Of course the ratio of each wavelength will impact the final result, as you can see on the Data besides. Even for the Z6 it is possible to choose different wavelengths available in our catalog. The Taiwan Hipoint outstanding LED Growth Light Technology would be nothing without its Control system which is available for all the growth chambers.


The Z8 is the last breath taking creation of the Taiwan Hipoint engineers. As we never stop to improve our products to always give the best to our customers, we have decided to give the possibility to manage 8 WAVELENGTHS!!!! It is possible to manage the 8 wavelengths INDEPENDENTLY!!!

UV: 390nm, Blue: 450/425nm, Green: 525nm, Red: 625nm/660nm, IR: 730nm than white LED. Once again we do not limit our customer to our oer as it still possible to change the LED wavelengths. Our advanced technology is unique as it is accompanied by an exceptional control system, easy to use, precise and evolutive. This new technology is not reserved to the Walk In Growth chambers or Greenhouse, it ts all our growth chambers, so to be the first to experience it please contact us directly. If you worry about the compatibility between the RGB or independent wavelengths system, It is perfectly compatible.

Imagine a growth chamber where you can manage dawn and dusk not only by the intensity of the light, but also manage its PAR... In the case that you do not know the difference of the PAR of the Sun between the dawn and the zenith please check our brand new handholder spectrameter... The new HR-350 is one of the simplest and most convenient way to study the sun light and reproduce it in the Taiwan Hipoint products for the benets of your plants.


Z16 LED SUN LIGHT 16Channel


  • 28* 40cm LED PCB
  • LED:365 - 850nm
  • PAR:700 umols-1m-2 @15cm

Water Cooling




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