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Taiwan Hipoint is the favorite partner for entrepreneurs, research institutes that want to create a climate for growth. Taiwan Hipoint has put all its energy in climate control, process optimization products and services to help companies and searchers in their activity. We provide expertise and solutions the most effective possible, in term of energy consumption, water re-use.

Good crop is depending on a carefully balanced and regular environment. Taiwan Hipoint provides Automated computer centralized environment control systems which allows you to run reliably and efficiently your growth. A Taiwan Hipoint system is the brain, the central nervous system of the entire Glass house organization. We tailor systems to answer your problems, realizing your ideas. In consultation with you and your team, we extract the needs from your ideas to help you making the most of all Mother Nature has to offer. Taiwan Hipoint computers are used to control various processes in greenhouses and growth chambers in Taiwan, China, as well as Japan.


One Central network
Wide range of control modules
Minimal cabling

Taiwan Hipoint Control System connects and controls all processes in your controlled field and enables you to optimize them even further. It helps the user to create the most optimal growing conditions for your experiment or crop, enabling you to take control of your energy facility, including your boilers, heat-power installations, heat pumps, buer tanks and CO2. Climate controls are supplied as standard with a large number of optimized options including air handling, ventilation, heating, CO2 quantity management, screens, lighting and irrigation. Taiwan Hipoint manages the development of its system from the conception to the delivery and formation. We have developed and we control each characteristic of our system which allow us to modify customize or integrate new settings if necessary.


Simple operation
Flexible and expandable
Easy to install and use

It is a cost-effective, easy-to-use control system developed specically for greenhouse environments. It is designed to provide accurate environment control for optimising plant experiment or increasing production, while saving energy, water and fertilizer. The range of module available gives the opportunity to create optimal growing conditions for your plants. Taiwan Hipoint provides an extensive and advanced range of control modules in the greenhouse sector. We always help our customer to increase the number of possible control systems in order to control in the best way the environment for each experiment.

Taiwan Hipoint remote control display

We have put the accent on the layout to allow an excellent visual control of the operating system and the different elements which constitute the Environment control. User friendly, the central computer operating system has been developed to offer comfortable visual control screens that make the system easy to use. The user can store the programmed parameters for various climatic conditions so that they can be reused at a later date. Day, weeks, seasonal program that are typically used during a growth period can be reapplied later.

Automatic access to your local weather forecast

Taiwan Hipoint system calculates the requirements for the following 24-hour period based on the settings and the next 24h forecast weather forecasts of your locality. These forecasts are aligned to your needs to meet criteria such as available capacity and energy supply contracts.


- Accurate, robust and reliable
- Low maintenance
- Minimal calibration

Taiwan Hipoint provides the best sensors to monitor and control the Environment. With a high degree of functionality they are fully integrated with the Environment computer control. Data is recorded and stocked in high capacity data storage.

Ceiling Vent Position Sensor

The Vent position sensor, which measures the opening of windows, is connected to the process computer allowing accurate ventilation strategies to be implemented and alerts issued if abnormal ventilation positions arise.

Taiwan Hipoint ECO Fan

The ECO Fans exchange air volume vary from 2000 m3/hour to 8000 m3/hour. The housing is ideally suited to humid greenhouse conditions. Air recirculation ensures more uniform growth, due to better temperature and moisture uniformity. The ECO Fan can be deployed at the top or bottom of the greenhouse.


Taiwan Hipoint Weather Station

The Taiwan Hipoint Weather Station in connection with the process computer provide all information about wind speed, wind direction, precipitation and temperature sensors. The Weather Station is customizable adding sensors including various types of lights and gas sensors. A RH sensor measures the relative air humidity outside the greenhouse, which can differ considerably from internal levels. The greenhouse climate can be optimally adjusted according to both inside and outside measurements.

Measuring Box Data log (T + RH + CO2)

The Taiwan Hipoint measuring box reads temperature, relative air humidity, CO2 values and record it for each greenhouse unit. The Data can be directly transfered and stocked in the general server as back up. The CO2 sensors read, and monitor carbon dioxide concentrations. The value is directly sent to the Control panel where it is displayed in Real Time on the 4.3" color touchscreen. The sensor allows also to control the level of CO2 if needed (CO2 control option).

Infrared Plant Temperature Sensor

Based on plant temperature and ambient temperature, the infrared plant temperature sensor can control cooling, ventilation, screens, overhead irrigation, misting and CO2 dosage more eectively.

Irradiation Sensor

It measures heat radiation losses from greenhouse to the ambient air. In clear weather, irradiation is higher than when cloudy. To combat heat loss from the greenhouse, screens can be quickly closed in clear weather by using this sensor. It saves energy because heating is not required to raise the greenhouse temperature.

PAR Sensor

Taiwan Hipoint PAR Sensor measures that part of the light spectrum that stimulates photosynthesis. This sensor is designed to provide a highly accurate indication of PAR illumination. Since we have developped our LED SUN LIGHT with adjustable wavelengths intensity, it possible thanks to it and the shades screens to adjust the lighting by simply entering the required PAR value.

Soil Temperature Sensor

The sensor measures the temperature in the ground, and is connected to the process computer allowing heating control based on pot temperature.

Water Temperature Sensor

This water sensor measures the temperature of water in boilers (for cold countries) and coolers (for hot countries), pipes and buer tanks.

Cooling System Temperature Sensor

This water sensor measures the temperature of the cooling system. More Sensors can be provided if requested to monitor all the elements of the Greenhouse.


Fully computer controlled, the Taiwan Hipoint irrigation water control has been developed and tested in many places, as Japan, for quantity of projects. Energy and cost saving, all the parameters as quantity of water, fertilizers are precisely managed by outstanding sensors to develop the best growth.

Water Disinfection

The applied principle is suitable for disinfecting either small or large volumes of water. The water disinfection system saves on water and expense of fertilisers. Disinfecting the water helps to re-use it and solve virus, moulds, bacteria and eelworms problems. The system is energy ecient in term of investment and running costs. Connected to the computer the system signal when UV lamps need to be replaced and the system automatically cleans the lamps to guarantee an optimum disinfection.

Water Management

includes controls for pre-treatment of supply water, dosing of nutrients as well as disinfecting of drain water and the preparation for re-use. All processes are fully controlled by the computer system. The water can be used for an hydroponic system or soil irrigation. The computer system manages irrigation cycle based on the quantity of water absorbed and the water in the soil. All is optimised according to conditions, the state of the crop and the type of substrate.

Fertilisers Control

The computer control fertilisers injections dosage directly into the water. The system is modular and provides options for injecting quantity of fertilisers solutions simultaneously. The dual EC/pH control makes adding doses ecient and reliable. The result is a stable pH and EC values. This helps improve crop growth through enhanced nutrients. EC/pH meters allow you to determine EC and pH values of horticultural irrigation water accurately and easily. The EC meter measures salt concentration and pH meters measure the acidity of nutrient solutions.

Water Sensors

EC Sensors / pH sensor

EC and pH sensors check EC and pH values of water and forward readings to the process computer.

Drain Sensor System

The Drain Sensor System measures the drainage volume and the drainage water EC value discharged from the substrate.

Moisture sensor

It allows to check the moisture content in soil/substrate, record it and manage the irrigation program.

Micro pump Sensors

measure water and fertilisers doses.

Miscellaneous Pressure Sensors

Water and air pressure sensors for water silos, tanks and fertiliser storage tanks.


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