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When we talk about Plant Tissue Culture, we talk about the complete necessary infrastructure, not only the growth chamber, it is a complete laboratory. Any laboratory, in which tissue culture techniques are performed, regardless of the specic purpose, must contain a number of basic facilities. These usually include the following:

Washing Area:

The washing area should contain large sinks, some lead-lined to resist acids and alkalis, draining boards, and racks, and have access to demineralized water, distilled water, and double-distilled water. Space for drying ovens or racks, automated dishwashers, acid baths, pipette washers and driers, and storage cabinets should also be available in the washing area.

aiwan Hipoint equipment: Drying ovens and storage cabinets

Media Preparation:

The media preparation area should have sample storage space for the chemicals, culture vessels and closures, and glassware required for media preparation and dispensing. Bench space for hot plates/stirrers, pH meters, balances, water baths, and media-dispensing equipment should be available. Other necessary equipment may include air and vacuum sources, distilled and double-distilled water, Bunsen burners with a gas source, refrigerators and freezers for storing stock solutions and chemicals, a microwave or a convection oven, and an autoclave or domestic pressure cooker for sterilizing media, glassware, and instruments.

Taiwan Hipoint equipment: Water baths, refrigerator/freezers, convection oven, autoclave

Transfer Area:

Under very clean and dry conditions (Clean Room Class 1000), tissue culture techniques can be successfully performed on an open laboratory bench. However, it is recommended that a laminar ow hood or sterile transfer room be utilized for making transfers. Within the transfer area there should be a source of electricity, gas, compressed air, and vacuum.

Taiwan Hipoint equipment: Pass Box, Air shower

Culture Room:

All types of tissue cultures should be incubated under conditions of well-controlled temperature, humidity, air circulation, and light quality and duration. These environmental factors may influence the growth and differentiation process directly during culture or indirectly by affecting their response in subsequent generations.

Taiwan Hipoint equipment: Shelves, Lights (all types), Environment Control

Taiwan Hipoint is a corporation of 4 branches. All the branches have a specic mission as import and distribution of foreign brand equipment, Laboratory equipment manufacture, Laboratory design and building, Security equipment. 30 years of experience allows us to provide complete laboratory consulting concerning the infrastructure but also the know how of the Plant Tissue Culture. We provide the complete turnkey solution.

All the elements are made in Taiwan from our factory in Kaohsiung (South Taiwan). We are not only manufacturer of Plant Growth Chamber, we also provide global solution as we manufacture all the elements constituting the Plant Tissue Culture facility, Autoclaves, Pass Box, Drying Ovens, Storage Cabinets, Convection Ovens, Water Baths, Refrigerator/Freezers, Laminar Flows, Clean Room with sophisticated Clean Air system.

We provide consulting to our customers, design the laboratory, build it and provide the necessary equipment. We are able to provide Plant Tissue Culture facilities all around the world. The Plant Tissue Culture is the way to modernise your farming techniques to produce more, in a better way and select the best plants to reproduce it as clones.


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