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Walk In Growth Chamber



The Taiwan Hipoint Control system is based on the PID microprocessor technology which offers an incredible stability in term of environment control. The PID controller calculates an error value as the difference between a measured process variable and a desired setpoint. The controller will minimize the error by adjusting the process through use of a manipulated variable, which makes the environment precisely controlled.


With more than 50 programs (Clock or Timer mode) which include 48 steps per program, the Taiwan Hipoint controller is one of the most versatile on the market. The emergence of the LED lights these recent years allow to adjust the lights more precisely and reproduce the course of the sun all along the day. To reproduce the quick change of the light during the dawn and the dusk it is necessary to have numerous programs and steps, particularly if you use the LED SUN LIGHT Z8, which has 8 channels independently adjustable.


To save all the sensors measurements data, all the Taiwan Hipoint units are provided with Datalog that minimum allow you to record 8000 points (1Gb). This capacity can be increased on request. Each sensor is source of data which can be stocked and analyzed. The data can be stocked on USB, or on a local server. The interval of measurement is adjustable which allow you to manage your data quantity.


One entire fleet can be controlled via Intranet or Internet and all the results stocked on the local server where are connected all the chambers. The RCL system allows you to remote all your fleet from your phone or computer from anywhere on the planet. Safety access is managed by your installation manager who moderate the access level to your installation.


A large range of lights are available in our catalog corresponding to different application. Germination, Tissue Culture, Vegetative Growth, Flowering... During years, the vegetative and flowering growth of the plants requested a lot of energy to supply the fluorescent and HPS lamps. Now, with the LED lights and its versatility, the possibilities offered are immense, sustainable and economic.

We do not have the pretension to say that we have the best lights to grow plants, as it request a lot of time researching what kind of light is the best for the growth and that this kind of research has just started. The Taiwan Hipoint aim is to offer you the best tool to understand under what kind of light the plants will grow the best. That's why most part of our LED's spectrum wavelengths can be adjusted independently.


Plants develop by a complex interaction of genotypes with the environment.This determines their structure and function and thus essential performance parameters like yield, productivity or efficient use of resources. To understand these fundamental processes we need to quantitatively assess the phenotype and generate a link to the genotype in order to understand the genetic basis. At Taiwan Hipoint, we have developed approaches for automated measurements that are integrated in a comprehensive data management.


The Walk In growth Chambers are adapted to set and control plethora of settings. Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Water temperature, EC and pH...Your imagination doesn't have limit, and we do our best to realize it.


All our systems provide the safest system to protect the user. Alarms for High and Low values, cut OFF device, overload device... All the alarms are recorded and can be sent to your mobile phone to let you know at all time the chambers conditions.

Shelves and Air Circulation types

At Taiwan Hipoint, we propose different kind of Walk In Growth Chamber inner designs... Benches, Shelves from 2 to 5 trays, light canopy height adjustable, Horizontal, Vertical or mixed airflow... We provide always solutions that will fit your needs.

Short Plant Shelves:

Basically, study short plants on a single growth area is not really efficient, that's why we recommend to study the plants that reach 90cm height at maturity with shelves. The height of the plants will determine the growth height and the number of trays. The design of the shelves will also determine the type of Air circulation. For the Short plants shelves, we use horizontal forced air circulation. This system allows to maintain an excellent uniformity at each level of the shelves despite the number of lights present in the chamber.

Short Plant Shelves and Hydroponic system:

It is already few years that we have integrated the hydroponic system to our growth shelves. The hydroponic system helps to monitor the growth of the roots, the effects of the EC, pH and water temperature on the growth of the plants. It is already well known that under environment controlled conditions and fed via hydroponic system, the lettuce reach maturity and can be cropped wthin 20 days instead of 1 month / 1 month half in the nature.

Anchored Trays:

Anchored trays are more versatile, easy to adjust. They are supported by two solid anchors u001fxed to beams solidly wall integrated, the tray can easily support plants weight charges. The highest light canopy is high adjustable.

Tall Plant Shelves:

Tall plants means more space and higher growth height... A large light canopy below the ceiling is able to reach low height then follow the growth of the plant. Counter weight or Electric leveling system are both available. The Tall plants due to their size will involve a vertical forced air circulation. The perforated high grade Stainless steel floor let the air circulate from the bottom of the room to the top. The Tall plants design is designated to tropical trees, rice, wheat, corn, cane sugar...


In order to make plant research/production possible all over the world whatever the conditions, we have created ideal growing conditions thanks to the highest technology. Our Walk In Growth Chambers vary in size and consist of several cultivation layers on top of each other. From the EH-1800 to the EH-4500, we propose 4 different solutions usually adopted by the Universities or Institutes with different inner settings for tall or short plants. For commercial scale, we also have solutions determined by cultivation and climate wishes, investment costs, production expectations, internal transport, automation and suchlike. The size of the Walk In Growth Chamber can vary from rather small less than 10 m2 of growing area to industrial scale.

Taiwan Hipoint allows you to determine the climate, at any time of the day, irrespective of the weather, summer or winter, day or night. This means you optimize the potential of your crop. We put at your disposal a large range of options to increase the precision of your control: light PAR adjustable, light intensity, day length, infrared, UV, light temperature, root temperature, plant temperature, irrigation, nutrition, air velocity, air composition, humidity and CO2.


The light range is a combination of different lamps to simulate a daylight spectrum, through the use of fluorescent/HPS bulbs, or LED lamps. It is been a long time that, at Taiwan Hipoint, we work in collaboration with the most prestigious institutes of the country and LED manufacturers to obtain the best solution for the user and the growth. As in the nature, plants are not growing all in the same conditions, we have created different adjustable LED solutions to fit your needs.

Fluorescent growth lights:

Fluorescent lamps is the most used lamp as radiation source in growth chambers. When placed close together, they form a continuous, generally, uniformly distributed area source of radiation. The output of photosynthetically active radiation is high, even if the spectrum generally matches the requirements of plants, it is fix and doesn’t produce enough Red or Infra Red for tall and flowering plants. Each searcher / grower has his preference in term of model and brand, it is for this reason that we can adapt our solution to the user desire.

HID bulbs (MH or HPS)

A HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp is particularly useful for plant growth because of its PAR. It’s recommended that HPS lamps be used with u001duorescent lamps to complete their performance. At Taiwan HiPoint, we advise to use the HPS only with tall plants as rice, oats, corns... These kind of plants needs stronger intensity in Red and Infra Red that provides HPS bulbs.


The LED SUN LIGHT Z® Series is the series of LED growth lights that we have developed in collaboration with Taiwanese manufacturers and research institutes. It is not in the LED itself where is hidden the particularity of our light, but in its support (PCB). Two kind of light systems, White and multi adjustable wavelengths, have been developed. The White LED have their spectrum u001fxed and their intensity is adjustable from 0% to 100%. The spectrum of the light will change depending on the selected LED (selection available from catalog). Usually used for the germination and the vegetative growth, the white LED replaces the u001duorescent lamps in our chambers.

*Discover the Multi wavelength LED growth light at the Growth light page description.


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