Taiwan Hipoint Corporation

Providing the best lab tools from overseas

About Us

When in 1984, our CEO Mr. Kingco (CHIANG CHIEN, CHIN-BIN) found TAIWAN HIPOINT CORPORATION, his first mission was to bring the safest high technology equipment to the Taiwanese researchers, providing the best lab tools from overseas. The Taiwanese economy flowering was a great opportunity for Taiwan Hipoint to meet researchers, listening and accompanying them. All the scientist has the aim to search, the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world surrounding us. To observe and experiment, the scientists face usually technical problems. During 30 years, it is what we have learnt to do, listening you...

You are the purpose of our efforts, the purpose why we are working hard everyday. We want to provide you the best accurate, comfortable equipment for your studies. 30 years it is the time that took us to, not create customer relationship but, create friendship. It is what we are doing the best, listening you and providing what you need or even better than what you are expecting.

Taiwan Hipoint has evoluted during all these years... From a little importing/distributing company, we became the leader on the Taiwanese market, manufacturing Agro-biotech equipment, designing and building laboratories.

We have been certified ISO9001:2008 in 2000 and from 2006, we manufacture equipment CE marked for the European market. Taiwan Hipoint has become a corporation with the time, a company dedicated to the mankind, believing in sustainable way of living.