Since 1987, We has been in existence for more than 30 years


It is the oldest and most prestigious "Zhongxingxing Co., Ltd." in the chemical instrument industry. It is a company that provides more professional services to customers, meets customers' various needs and introduces more advanced equipment and pharmaceutical service customers.              Its main business is a variety of laboratory equipment, consumables, measuring equipment and pharmaceuticals. The service target covers chemical, food, agriculture, environmental engineering, biochemical technology, medicine and other units.

Our business philosophy,Business is "integrity"; service is "efficiency"; technology is "innovation",The service and efforts over the years have also been highly regarded and recognized by customers and the professional community. It has been selected by the National Science Council and the COA for many times to cooperate with professional research and improvement to develop and produce the necessary equipment and equipment. The results have been patented. This is enough to prove the company's service quality and research and development technology capabilities, has been widely recognized.

High-precision laboratory equipment is imported at high cost, and even the function can not meet the demand. Moreover, it cannot be expanded due to cost factors, affecting R&D quality, technology and business opportunities.

In order to implement localization and reduce costs, the company can develop or rebuild more sophisticated and high-performance products for customers with long-term cooperation with customers. The mass production plants with R&D capabilities are "low cost, high quality and fast delivery". The way of doing business is to contribute to the industry and customers. Reducing costs for customers is the company's consistent service aim and hard work goal.

To meet the 21st century, high-tech, environmental protection era appeal. The company is also geared towards more sophisticated, professional and faster service quality to meet customer needs. The research and development of products is also moving towards light, thin, short, small, information, low pollution and pollution-free.

1993 JIN HER TYAN Scientific Co., LTD

The overall planning, design, construction and maintenance of the franchise laboratory. The main service targets are colleges, research institutes and large-scale private enterprises. They have rich experience in the fields of chemical industry, flowers, food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc., and have applied many professional laboratories which are the most representative in this field. The quality of the project has been highly recognized by users.

Jinhetian Technology's relationship company Juxing Chemical Instrument Co., Ltd. has been supplying consumables and reagents for the food, pharmaceutical, electronics and college laboratories since 1984, and the business has gradually extended to laboratory equipment and equipment. Since its operation, it has become a well-known instrument sales and agent in Taiwan. Juxing's long-term experience in laboratory services has provided strong technical support, making Jinhetian technology different from engineering companies that are generally longer than construction but do not understand laboratory characteristics, but for tissue culture, food testing, chemical testing, etc. The professional experiment process and special requirements are very familiar, and it has the ability to perfectly combine the needs of the laboratory with the needs of the user and the requirements of the experiment itself.

We adhere to the concept of integrity, efficiency and innovation, and strive to build a world-class laboratory with the latest international trends and the highest standards.