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Taiwan Hipoint's core purpose is to make a significant technical contribution to improving the health and safety of mankind. Our aim is to allow our customers to continuously improve their research with astonishing products that best support their daily life.

Our motto "More Effort, Better Solution" inspires us to unremittingly tend to perfection and to differentiate ourselves from others through continuous innovation. To this end, we continuously work in collaboration with the most prestigious Institutes of the country.

The future is at the center of all our reflections and activities. We work at a sustainable world with our partners that inspires and drives us to improve every day. Everyone at Taiwan Hipoint is dedicated to meeting our customers' requirement beyond their expectations. We provide them a complete solution thanks to our large product range that can be totally remote controlled.

To ensure the highest quality standards, all our products are solely manufactured at our plant in Southern Taiwan. Our know-how in term of environment control and 30 years experience drive us to be the Taiwan Market leader, and currently worldwide market challenger. We intend to maintain this dynamic and in that regard, we work with the same passion and desire as we have since the foundation of Taiwan Hipoint.