The Taiwan Hipoint water baths offer an affordable entry into laboratory thermostating. The equipment range for basic applications in the laboratory stands out for its simple operation with digital LED display and high reliability. The microprocessor control panel houses all functions necessary to operate the bath. The four push-button switches and double display window allow the operator to adjust bath temperature and calibration via a single set of controls.
The Taiwan Hipoint Recirculating Water Baths are available in three different sizes. Depending on the size and the quantity of the samples, the user has the right bath depth or opening for his application at his disposal. Above all, the Taiwan Hipoint Recirculating Water Bath is designed for the requirements of biological, medical and biochemical laboratories. Thanks to the patented heating concept, the bath also achieve a high level of temperature homogeneity.
Dynamic: designed to control temperature easily for needed applications and performance requirements, while fitting into your laboratory with minimal requirements for energy and space.
Reliable: High quality and reliability on your demand, robust heating  and refrigerating (option) components and years of experience in manufacturing methods to ensure an using proven product for years of operation.
Efficient: Efficient use of energy, compact powerful heating structure with minimal footprint and little disruption to your quiet laboratory.
Temperature range:
The standard temperature range is RT+5°C to +99.9°C.
Safety device:
Overcurrent, overtemperature safety devices.