Arabidopsis, Insect Incubation, Constant Temperature, Plant Growth, Tissue Culture.

The MT Series is characterized by its faculty to recreate and control from 2 to 5 different environment at the same time while maintaining an exceptional environment uniformity even if the temperature are totally different. The user is free to manage the chamber as he wants, arabidopsis, insect incubation, tissue culture storage, plant growth chamber, constant temperature chamber applications are available. All the compartments receive exactly the same amount of light regardless the type of growth lamps, the air circulation allows a perfect uniformity in each compartment. The new LED RGB light system is available on this model. The LED configuration is an exclusivity developed by Taiwan Hipoint. The MT Series allows to control the LED light settings for the different use, intensity of each wavelength, frequency of the light for Insect raising application. The MT Series has been designed for the scientist conscious of the detail and accuracy of his experiments. It is for this reason that a host of features are settable from the large 7″ color touchscreen panel for programming.

HMI (Human Machine Interface):

Taiwan HiPoint always brings comfort and ease to every scientist. We understood how important it is for the user to know at anytime and from anywhere the conditions of their experiment. It’s for this reason that we provide a large Control Panel easy to use and also the possibility to set the conditions of each room, right from your computer or the other side of the world from any internet enabled PC. Whether you operate a single chamber or manage an entire fleet, we will give you access to a powerful tool to easily monitor and remote control your facilities.


The MT Series is available from 3 to 5 independent environmental rooms. The growth height is available from 40cm to 25cm. The MT Series purpose is to study the exposure of the plants in a minimum space footprint to different environmental conditions. The same kind of plant can be exposed and studied to different environment at the same time. The Taiwan Hipoint growth chambers allow to have a large growth space at the same temperature and light. Usually to study the plant growth differences under 5 different conditions, 5 growth chambers are needed. With the MT Series, only one MT-315 can do this job. Thanks to the LED growth lights placed on the each side of the rooms, the light is softly diffused and allow nice growth. At the same time as there is no heat, the inner environment is easy to control and request less energy spent to manage it.


Our LED technology allows the user to choose and set the spectrum of its choice. Without changing the light canopy the user is already able to have a large range of settings to adjust its light. The advantage that we have at Taiwan Hipoint is to be in the heart of the New Technology Industry. Our relation with the LED manufacturers and researchers allows us to obtain the best quality and the last technology at pleasant price. UV-B, IR or any other wavelength of your choice is available, we can tailor and design the LED growth light of your choice for any kind of growth or studies. In the case that you prefer the traditional Fluorescent lamps, it is also possible even if the fluorescent lamp is un-ecologic, un-sustainable, un-energy saving, un-resistant, un-powerful technology compare to the LED technology. As our LED light is one of the most efficient on the market, the ratio energy/light is exceptional. No matter to increase the Red or Far Red wavelength quantity by including HPS bulb as done traditionally, the LED does better job without extreme heat production.


We can provide different range of temperature from -10°C to +60°C if necessary. We cover all the range usually used for plant experimentation. Thanks to the excellent Air Flow system (horizontal), the environmental conditions are incredibly uniform. 30 years of experience is the result of this exceptional control. It is essential for the user to obtain uniformity and precision in all rooms or the experiment will not be relevant.




  • High Intensity LED Lights(1 light):
  • RGB control / 8 channels control
  • PAR Control
  • Ultra low temperature
  • Low Humidity level control
  • CO2 / other gas control
  • Analog outputs 4 - 20mA
  • Acess ports of various diameter
  • Remote Control
  • CCD camera and morphology analyzer
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Plant Respiration Analysis