The IB-20 is one of the smallest incubator on the market. Small footprint, discreet, excellent environment uniformity, condensation free observation window, visual temperature alarm are the outstanding characteristics of this benchtop incubator. The IB-20 displays all the time SV (Set Value) and PV (Process Value) at the same time, which makes it really easy to use. Simply choose the desired temperature and the incubator immediately begins to heat up (or cool down in option) while accurately monitoring the chamber temperature and conveniently displaying the temperature in real time. Despite the small footprint, the IB-20 incubator feature large working volume split in two adjustable areas made in robust anti-rust material. 


Temperature Range
Temperature Fluctuation
Temperature Uniformity
Temp. Control Accuracy
Temperature controller
Air circulation
Overview Dimensions
Working Volume
Interior Material
Exterior Material
Growth Area
Growth Height
Safety Device


RT+5°C - +80°C
±0.5°C @ 37°C
±1°C @ 37°C
PID microprocessor
High and Low Temperature Alarm
SV and PV at the same time
Back to front horizontal forced airflow
W320 x D380 x H475mm
Stainless Steel #304
Coated steel
PUF insulation
Door with Free condensation observation window
2 growth areas
30-40cm adjustable (2.5cm steps)
Overheat protection / Over load protection
Adapted to the user electric system


IB-20 Control panel

IB-20 shelf adjustable

IB-20 plugs