High Resolution Spectrameter



The Spectral PAR Meter HR-450 is a palmtop photon meter that measures range of light sources in multiple modes. It may measure PPFD(Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) of plant light source Spectral PAR Meter HR-450 comes with 3.5" touch control screen. User friendly smart interface enables fast and easy use of this roduct. Removable optical sensor design enables remote measuring and keeping measurements in SD card.
Connect this product to a PC by USB cable enables easy data management with exclusive software.


Many Spectrometer types already exist on the market but all of them have to be connected to a computer to measure and record. The HR-450 open a new area as the smart phone opened it for the telephony. The HR-450 is one of the first mobile High Resolution Spectrometer.



The HR-450 is light and compact as a smart phone. The user is able to bring it everywhere without suffering of its presence.

Touchcreen Control


The luminous LCD touchscreen control panel proposes a simple interface really easy to use and to take in hand. The light back screen is really comfortable to read even under the sunlight.

Features & Functions

Measuring Mode
Software PPFAnalyzer
Capture Function
Share Data
Smart Remote Control

How to measure?

Select Measuring

  • basic mode: view mearured value

  • Spectrum mode: view the spectrumgraph

  • CIE 1931/1976 mode: view the chromaticity coordinates

  • PPFD mode : view the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density

Capture / Storage

On time capture
Continue capture
E x c e l
Android Share Data
Apple Share Data

Capture / Storage

 All the Data will be measured automatically (Timer) or manually and stored via the SD Card port on the side of the item.

Smart Remote Control

The HR-450 is delivered with its SD Wifi Card to stock the data and allow the control of the meter by a smart phone or tablet (Google Play/ App Store). This option will allow you to share the data directly from your smart phone by email, SMS, or any other Chat tool.

Integration Time

  • Measurement Setting Introduction
  • Adjust the integration time only can work in the manual mode

Capture Function

  • Step1. Select the continues capture
  • Step2. Press the capture key
  • Step3. Processing the continues measurement
  • Step4. Press capture key again to stop continues measurement

Wifi Card for App

  • Step1. Download HR-450 APP
  • Step2. connect wifi to HR-450

Save File

  • Please setup date and time before save the files

 The HR-450 is the first step of an important phenomenon, imagine that you know the spectra of the sun in Rio de Janeiro, and that you can reproduce it in Laboratory in the middle of the Canadian winter. Taiwan Hipoint offers you this opportunity.

Light Spectra


The Sun spectra will change all long the day and the plant will not react in the same way during the dawn, the zenith or the dusk. As proof please find below few measure took in at different moment of the day.