Arabidopsis, Insect Incubation, Seed Storage, Constant Temperature, Plant Growth, Tissue Culture, Plant Morphology Analysis.


The ETC-80F LED is the first bench top plant growth chamber on the market. Using LED and TEC/Peltier cooling system, which makes it the ultimate energy saving solution. Despite its size, the ETC-80F LED is able to manage humidity, CO2 level, and plant morphology analysis.

As all Taiwan Hipoint chambers, the ETC-80F LED is made in robust anti-rust material. Fully programmable with Temperature, Lights, Humidity, and Gas. The lights are placed up to samples. All LED wavelengths are available and can be installed on request.


TEC/PELTIER Cooling system內部元件


The TEC/Peltier environment control system offers minimum energy consumption with maximum benefit to the environment, as in contrast to compressor technology, energy is only required when you need to heat or cool down. In term of footprint, it is not comparable as the TEC cooling system does not need a compressor, it alows to save space in the laboratory and also keep silent work conditions.


Plant Morphology Analyzer

Thanks to the CCD camera and the Time-lapse photography system, you can easily observe the development of the plant in interaction with its environment. Time-lapse photography is done by capturing a series of images at intervals ranging from seconds to hours apart. When the images are viewed in rapid succession, much like a flip book, the effect is to compress into a short period, the changes that occured over a relatively long period of time. Comparing the different succession of pictures allows the searcher to compare the effect of the variation of light, temperature, humidity and CO2 on the growth of the plant.


Plant Morphology Software分析圖

By placing points around the same leaf or flower at different days interval, the software records the points and analyze the difference of position in the space, which allows it to calculate the growth of the plant at different steps of its growth. Exposed at different temperature, humidity, light or even CO2 level, it is easier to see the effects of the changing environment on the plant growth.




Temperature Range:

Temperature range lights OFF: +10ºC ∼+45ºC
Temperature range lights OFF: +15ºC ∼+40ºC


Lights LED:

LED: B: 450nm / R:660nm / IR: 735nm
Up to 200 μmols‾¹m‾² @15cm



Exterior dimensions: W524xD835xH610mm ±30mm
Working volume: 80L
Observation window (no condensation)
Growth Area: 1
Drawer system for easy manipulation of the plant


Safety Device:

Overheat protector and low temperature protection
Over load protection
Compressor delays start protection


  • High Intensity LED Lights(1 light):
  • RGB control / 8 channels control
  • PAR Control
  • Ultra low temperature
  • Low Humidity level control
  • CO2 / other gas control
  • Analog outputs 4 - 20mA
  • Access ports of various diameter
  • Remote Control
  • CCD camera and morphology analyzer
  • Antinicrobial surface