At Taiwan Hipoint, we have always in mind to improve our products to make it sustainable and protect our environment. To reduce our carbon footprint on the earth we have also for the Recirculating Water Bath, created a unit using TEC cooling system. The proportional integral derivative temperature control allows precise temperature control from 0°C to 99.9°C with use of the gable cover.
The TEC/Peltier cooling system doesn’t use any refrigerant, which make it less sensitive to shock or transportation. The usual compressor needs yearly maintenance when the TEC/Peltier system doesn’t request anything. Noise free the ETC-06 will be in your laboratory heating your samples and will not notify its presence. The ETC-06 is a must in our range.


Temperature Range
Temperature Fluctuation
Temp. Control Accuracy
Water Circulation
Heating Capacity
Cooling Capacity
Overview Dimensions
Interior Material
Exterior Material
Safety Device


RT-15°C - +90°C
±0.1°C @ 25°C
PID microprocessor
High Temperature Alarm
In & out recirculation
W265 x D460 x H460mm
Stainless Steel #304
Coated steel
SUS gable cover
Overheat / Over load protection
Adapted to the user electric system