The proportional integral derivative temperature control allows precise temperature control from RT+5°C to 99.9°C with use of the cover.
A high limit thermostat is provided and can be set to prevent heater runaway in the event of temperature control failure.
The pump activity allows and exceptional temperature uniformity ±0.3°C.
The tray is easily removable.
The interior of the bath is constructed of stainless steel and is designed for operation with sterile distilled water or equivalent.
The body is made from galvanized steel and is painted for added protection.
A drain is located at the far left hand end of the bath.
A stainless steel gable cover is also provided with the bath.
The 240 volt units are identical in appearance to the 120 volt units.
Double layers of stainless steel (External body paint coating or not)
Top cover: SUS with 8 open holes for crucible (Ø 9 cm)
Stainless steel ring cover to close those holes
Bath Capacity: >25L
Temperature range: RT+5C to +99.9C , accuracy variance ±0.1C
Light signal to display steps with result display
Cut off when overtemperature safety system
Time range 1 min to 99 hours
Controller electronics integrated into the immersion thermostat
Timer system and continuous run
Smallest possible unit footprint
Easy clean interior
Optimised cover shape
No rust possible
Easy cleaning, no height restrictions


Temperature Range
Temperature Fluctuation
Temp. Control Accuracy
Heating Capacity
Overview Dimensions
Working Volume
Cover internal diameter:
Interior Material
Exterior Material
Safety Device


RT+5°C - +99.9°C
±0.2°C @ 25°C
PID microprocessor
High Temperature Alarm
55 / 85 / 115mm
Stainless Steel #304
Coated steel
SUS gable cover
Overheat / Over load protection
Adapted to the user electric system