APS 2015 Pasadena

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It was the future that was on the minds of the 54 people who met in December of 1908 to create "The American Phytopathological Society." These scientists envisioned a society that would be "of invaluable aid in promoting the future development of this important and rapidly growing subject." The founding members of the APS left an invaluable legacy. Their vision became a reality. Today, APS is a vibrant, flourishing society whose members have made significant and far-reaching advances in plant pathology.

It was our duty to participate for the first time to the APS 2015. We had the opportunity to exchange with many researchers from all around the world again. Those exchange help us to see how we can help the researchers in their mission. We are so glad to bring our little help to the APS by providing versatile, high technology equipment.

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