The 721 Low Temperature Incubator, larger than the 701K, has an inner working volume about 180L. Ideal for B.O.D. determinations, plant and insect studies, fermentation studies, and bacterial culturing, it will control and maintain stable a temperature range from 0°C to 60°C.

As all the Taiwan Hipoint products, the 721 is made in robust anti-rust material. Gentle, continuous forced-air circulation ensures temperature uniformity (+/-0.3°C at 20°C) and reproducible test conditions.
The refrigerated incubators also include an independent over temperature safety controller, adjustable shelves in 2.5cm increments and in option an electric plug to allow shakers, stirrers, roller bottles or other apparatus use.


Temperature Range
Temperature Fluctuation
Temperature Uniformity
Temp. Control Accuracy
Remote Control
Air Circulation
Cooling System


+0°C - +60°C
±0.3°C @ 37°C
±0.5°C @ 37°C
PID microprocessor programmable Multi programs Clock / Timer Mode
High and Low Temperature Alarm
Data Export by USB port
Direct connection to unit by LAN to control HMI ( by Internet in option)
Back to front horizontal forced airflow
Air cooled condensing unit / CFC free refrigerant

Overview Dimensions
Working Volume
Interior Material
Exterior Material
Growth Area
Growth Height
Safety Device

W700 x D800 x H1150mm
Stainless Steel #304
Coated steel
PUF insulation
Door with Free condensation observation window
2 growth areas
30cm per area adjustable (2.5cm steps)
Overheat protection / Over load protection
Adapted to the user electric system